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I recently found a couple of pages I wrote on one of my more reflective days. It must have been raining that day or something, cause I was obviously having a “moment”. I decided to share it with all of you in this post….not exactly sure why, perhaps because so much of what we see and hear lately seem to focus on a woman’s body and how we can be made to feel ashamed of how we look.

Before I share this though, I would like to inform you that my website is still in the process of being built. It is taking this tired brain of mine a little bit of time to educate myself about web building and all of the many details it takes to make it look appealing. I just want to write. But, I also want to create a beautiful place that anyone can visit and feel at home. So, I am working on a menu that will include some of my favorite things and pictures. Please be patient with me as I learn how. In the mean time, I love seeing your comments and I do care about your thoughts, so please feel free to express them.

So now, I boldly present to you an allegorical presentation of who beauty is……..

Where is the beauty that lies within; I summon thee, you are greatly needed. Are you asleep? I have not been aware of your presence for such a long time. Woe is me if you are no longer there.

For so long I have been tending to my outward beauty, though my obsession was only because I could never really see it. It has taken up so much time. At first, it was merely the art of sculpting and painting my face and hair. It was actually fun for a while. But as time went on, my outward beauty became more work to maintain and way less fun. The more time I took with “creating” the perfect look, the less beautiful I felt. I went from creating beauty to maintaining beauty and now it seems I am at the stage of repairing beauty. It is even more time-consuming. I am fighting to yield to the inevitable truth that aging will produce change and it may not always be what you want reflected in that mirror. I keep trying to fight for and defend the person I once looked like. But I am weary.

Where are you, Beauty that lies within. I summon you. I know that you are there. I know now that I should have paid more attention to you, the beauty that was created inside of me. Come out, I believe in you. I know that the character and strength that you can reveal in me and through me can and will mask the superficial look that is on the outside. Others will look at me and see with their eyes but know in their hearts that I am beautiful. Let the true beauty that lies within me be exposed, not just in me, but in every woman.


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