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Recent statistics tell us that an average adult person will make up to 35,000 choices in a day. At first, I thought, “say what”? There are 226.7 decisions a day we make on food alone. We will make at least a half dozen choices before we even get out of bed, like:

  • should I sleep in for five more minutes
  • should I make the bed or jump in the shower first
  • what should I have for breakfast
  • should I make coffee or get starbucks (my personal no brainer choice)
  • what should I wear
  • pray before or wait to do all of the above

Every choice we make affects our life somehow, because we have been given a free will. Now, 35,000 thousand seems like a stretch to me, but then again, we just don’t really give much thought to the decisions we need to make in a day. Some are mundane and so ordinary that we don’t even know we are making a choice. Some decisions for some people are life changing, like those in the medical field, or public service. I certainly cannot compare what I choose to wear on a certain day to a fireman who has to choose between his life and saving the life of another.

As we get older, it seems, familiar choices are much more comforting. We get up at the same time, we eat the same things, drink our coffee or tea in the same way every day and move through-out our day in a series of choosing the same things over and over. Perhaps I have not yet reached the age of routine choices. I purposefully will try to change things up just to mess up my brain. Ok, I reviewed the list above and concluded that I may have reached the age of familiar choices that bring comfort. Yikes! I get up at the same time, always fix the bed first, eat breakfast after my morning coffee, and pray always before all the above.

I guess the question is, if our choices could possibly be life-changing, then, should we be more mindful of what we choose? Certainly, what I wear is of no consequence to changing anyone’s life, but, on a Sunday morning, when I choose to stay in bed instead of get ready to go to church…….well, that choice could potentially affect someone who may have needed a hug that day that only I was willing to give, or, perhaps I was the one who needed that hug from someone who chose to be there at the right time. I don’t know. Choices are critical life decisions that affect us, or the world around us.

It is evident in the news today that countless people are in need of one very basic necessity in this life…..love. We can choose to stay in our comfortable homes with the freedom to choose whatever we want, or we can choose to get out of our comfort zones and choose something so different than what we are used to and maybe even get a little uncomfortable. Maybe it is doing something nice for your neighbor, bake cookies or just be friendly. Maybe, it is volunteering your time instead of hoarding your time for yourself ( I am speaking to myself right now). Choices can be hard and uncomfortable. But, the right choices are always rewarding and fills an innate need to just simply do the right thing.

When it comes to choosing, there are no gray areas. It will always be the right choice, or the wrong choice. We will make wrong choices along the way, that is just inevitable, but, our freedom still gives us the opportunity to choose again. For me, I am so grateful that God allows us a second, third and beyond chance to choose the right way. So many people feel that they have “no choice”, I declare, YES, yes you do!