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I will admit that I have a crazy love for Planners. We have come a very long way from the original, black-covered, professional looking “day planners” that required an education in time management and a workout to carry it around. Now, don’t get me wrong, they definitely did the job, and still do. Many professional, businessmen and women still use those “serious” type planners. I would dare to say though, a greater population of the universe, probably has gravitated more to digital calendars to keep track of their daily appointments, and “to-do” lists. But, calendars and day planners, have evolved and become a fun and creative way to prepare yourself for the day.

I have noticed in the last couple of years, that my local craft stores have included an inventory of beautiful planners and the pages to fill it. I love all the different stickers and fun ways to decorate and embellish your planner. What used to be just a basic calendar to help manage your schedule, has now become a statement piece and fashion accessory. You can dangle beautiful charms from them, and fasten gold paperclips to attach notes that you have written with colored gel pens. Even if you think you have nothing to schedule or “plan”, all these options will entice you to possess a planner. Well, it does me anyway.

I remember when all the kids were at home, and I had to keep track of all their activities and appointments, I used a lot of sticky notes and a basic calendar was tacked to the wall or attached to the front of the refrigerator. Sticky notes were and still is an effective and practical way to write down a reminder. I used it so much, I am sure, had I kept it all, it could easily be used as wallpaper.

The kids are grown and my nest is empty, and though my days can seem like nothing is happening, I still purpose to fill those areas in my daily calendar with evidence that I have a life. Here are some ways I use my daily planner.

  • Every day, I write a scripture or inspirational quote that I can easily turn to when I need to be reminded of what is true in a negative world
  • I will jot down a name of someone God has prompted me to pray for and what I prayed
  • I will note any ideas I could use in a blog post
  • I will make sure I have the birthday reminders for the month of my children and grandchildren
  • And of course, the typical reminders for appointments and upcoming events

Everyone’s calendar will look different, and whether you choose to post it on your wall, use the calendar on your device, or be creative by using the colorful decorative ways that is now available, I think, it is an effective way to help us remember that every day is a gift we get to live. Yes, we can fill it with practical “to-dos” and reminders, but as an older woman who once thought my daily life was to boring to note, I look at my daily jots, as an encouraging reminder that I can create and choose what my day can be.

I look forward to the new year. It means a brand new calendar, and another Creative Planner filled with days of colorful new opportunities. Comment below and tell me how you like to use your planner.



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