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I look forward to decorating for the holidays every year. I toggle between the traditional red, white and green colors of the season, and the rustic country look with a raffia garland and wooden ornaments. This year, I actually went for a more elegant bronze and gold look. But no matter what I choose, I make sure my snowman decor is incorporated. Every year, at the end of the season, I look for bargains on snowmen ornaments of all kinds.

I don’t know why I have such an infatuation for them. There is a book written by Bob Eckstein, on The History of the Snowman. He really did a lot of research and his book is filled with so many interesting facts about the Snowman and it’s beginnings. I would have personally never thought that my beloved snowman actually had a part in history dating back to the Middle Ages. I love how he relates to snow as “free art supplies dropped from the sky”, and, how famous artists, like Michelangelo, was asked to sculpt a snowman in the courtyard of the ruler of Florence, Italy. Wow! the snowman really does have a rich history.

But, for me, they are simply fun and happy, and they bring me joy when I look at them hanging on my tree or gracing my family room in all of the many forms I have collected over the years. I have an entire Snowman Family that stands around my fireplace, as well as smaller stuffed ones sitting around the room, just hanging out. I have snowman candle holders, nutcrackers, snow globes, and wood wall decor. I love them all. I feel sad when I need to pack them all away to wait a year before being allowed to show themselves again. (no, I’m not crazy)

Who doesn’t remember the famous children’s Christmas song, Frosty the Snowman. He, the song says, was a jolly, happy, soul. He knew his “life” was for a season, and it did not bother him at all to have eyes of coal, or a carrot for a nose. He danced around and brought joy to all the boys and girls who believed in the reality of him. We could learn a small lesson from this fantasy-like character.

We too have been created by a loving God who shaped and formed us from within our mother’s womb. We too, live for a season, however long that may be for each of us. Our eyes are not coals, and are noses are not carrots, yet sometimes, we behave like they are. We sometimes choose to be blinded by the good in others and we forget to inhale the sweet fragrance that surrounds us in our lives, e.g. the scent of our mom or grandmother when she gives us a hug, or the sight of a beautiful, snow-capped mountain in the distance. We need to dance more, feel and appreciate the freedoms that we have, more. We need to acknowledge the hands that have shaped us throughout life and the creator that always knew we had the potential to love and bring joy to others.

Am I being too philosophical? Perhaps, I just want to provoke you to be able to see how an inanimate object, and even a fictional character like a snowman, can stir us into looking at life a little differently. The holidays can be a stressful time. We can worry about finances, what gifts to give who, being alone, or feeling the obligation to be at some party or event. All of these things rob us of the simple joys the season can bring.

Whether it is the story of a simple snowman, or the laughter of your grandchildren, dancing with glee to all their favorite Christmas songs, I encourage you to have a happy jolly soul and just be thankful that when the season comes to an end, we will not be melting into the ground. Right?

God Bless you one and all! Please leave your comments below.

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