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It is that time of year when all across the world, families will gather together to feast and play fun,silly, games. I say silly because, some of the games I have been involved in requires you to do some crazy stuff. Does anyone remember that game show on television, Minute to Win It? Our family loved playing many of the games they featured on the show. My favorite was called Junk in the Trunk. It required strapping a tissue box to your “behind” and filling it with ping pong balls. You had to shake your booty and get as many balls as you could out of the box in one minute. Needless to say, the room will always break out in a roar of laughter and O-M-Gees! I suppose that giving yourself permission to just go for it, and not care about what you may look like when playing these games, can be a good thing, after all, it is the holidays. In fact, you stand out more when you are the person who chooses not to “play“.

When I was a child, our family enjoyed playing board games. Some of them are vintage classics, like Sorry, Monopoly, and my dad’s favorite, Trouble. Many of these classics have survived the test of time and are still played around the family dining table today. I love being able to play with my grandchildren, and tell them stories of when I used to play the very same games with my parents.

Besides the family gatherings, many corporate offices plan an annual holiday party. I have attended many with my husband and always declare that I will not be playing any games, and that is final. But, when there, some evil competitive spirit rises up in me, and I am overcome with not only the need to play, but to win! No one ever believes me should  I happen to describe myself as shy, especially if they have seen me play games at a party. Oh well, again…..it is the holidays…..and there are often some great prizes.

Here is a list of 6 ideas for some holiday party games:

  • Ornament Guess – have your guests  guess how many ornaments are on the tree. Easy game to set up and you can reward the winner with a prize.
  • Christmas Carol Pictionary – teams race to draw popular Christmas carols, if the team guesses, they have to sing it to get their points.
  • Candy Canes – played like the game Spoons, but using candy canes.
  • Christmas Charades – you can’t have a party without some sort of charades game. Just make a list of holiday phrases or titles of Christmas movies or songs.
  • Blind Christmas Tree Ripping – see how well your guests can rip a Christmas tree out of construction paper while blindfolded. This is a good one to include the kids in the fun.
  • Jingle in the Trunk – this is a holiday twist to the Junk in the Trunk game mentioned above, only, you fill a tissue box with jingle bells instead of ping pong balls.

Party games are not for everyone. Many people are either intimidated or uncomfortable to participate in any kind of games at a party. If you are hosting a holiday event, always include games that can be either be played as a couple, (where perhaps, the wife is more willing to participate….wink, wink), or include non physical games, such as, trivia games. There are many sites that offer holiday printable games.

This holiday, whether you play games at your party, or simply choose to invite people over to share a meal and celebrate the season, remember to keep the reason for the season at the forefront of your gathering. In the process of our moving to a different state, I misplaced a manger that I once had and kept very visible amidst all of the other holiday decorations. I recently found one to replace the one I used to have. When I put it up, I immediately felt a peace come over our home. It is a simple reminder of the day of our Lord’s birth, and the hope he brought into the world. My eyes will wonder across the room, the lights, the gifts under the tree, and the stockings hanging, and then it falls to the scene in the manger and I know……Christmas is not about the games we play, or the food we eat….it is about the one laying in that manger. God Bless you all! Please, leave a comment below.

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Blogging Grandmothers Link Party



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