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As some of you may know, one of my favorite things to do here in Oregon, is find the covered bridges that span the many rivers and brooks across the state. It is like a treasure hunt for me and brings me so much joy and excitement when suddenly it appears before us.

One of the first bridges we found was built in 1914. It is called the Drift Creek Covered Bridge. Though it is no longer used for thru traffic to pass over, it allows you to stand under its canopy and imagine the many untold stories hidden within its shelter. I love the sound of the brook flowing beneath it so peacefully, almost singing a song of long past better days. Perhaps star-struck lovers of long ago stood under that bridge and declared their love for one another. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. I suppose that explains why I love these bridges, there is an air of nostalgia and you feel like you are being transported back in time when life seemed less complicated.

I guess when you get older, simple pleasures are all you really need to make you smile. The older I get, the simpler I find my wants and needs are. I no longer look for and wish for the “things” that used to control my thinking. I now find joy and well-being in the beauty that surrounds me or is waiting for me to find.

As parents and grandparents and for many great grandparents, we want to assure our children that we have them covered. When they need our wisdom, or help and especially our love, we become a “covered bridge”for them. A place they can safely cross over to wherever they need to go, a shelter in times of trials and hardship, or even a canopy they can stand under and know that they are loved.

As a Christian, I know and believe that this is a description of how God is. One of my favorite songs of worship is titled “You Cover Me” by Pastor Mark Filkey. The words say, “you cover me, in times of storm, I can make it, cause I found my hope in you”.  We all need to be covered by love, grace and strength, and more importantly, we need to be willing to bridge the gaps for others to cross. We can be like “covered bridges” for so many that need to remember there is still hope.

Below are pictures that was taken at the Drift Creek Covered Bridge in Otis, Oregon.



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