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I was looking at some pictures of myself when I was quite a bit younger and saw something I have long but forgotten about me….my true hair color. I have exhibited a myriad of colors and hairstyles in my 65 years that, if I must say, makes for quite an interesting slide show.

Hair and what to do or not do with it can take up several days of blog space, for me at least. It seems I have been on a personal quest to find that  perfect “look”. There is a plethora of information out there regarding older women and the right hairstyle or color we should wear. Some experts say women over 60 should have short hair, other so-called experts say long can be beautiful. Then the question is  always whether or not you should yield to the glowing white hue that is now emerging from deep within your head.

I have a few friends that are younger than I that have decided to yield to whatever natural path their hair would like to take. Their decisions have definitely worked in their favor because…. and these are the adjectives that come to my mind….they are beautiful, stunning, gorgeous women, and not one of them looks older just cause they wear a silver crown. They inspire me to just be free and “go natural”.

However……I suppose like all things in life, we each have to be ready to make necessary changes. Right now, at the very first sign of white peeking through my dark brown hair, I am reaching for anything I can find to disguise and cover them up. I am compiling a list right now of the many ways I have found to cleverly do this.

As a general rule, I am very conscious of the chemical ingestion we subject ourselves to in the name of beauty, but keeping my writing light-hearted as promised, I simply am not ready to commit to going all natural….yet….maybe not for awhile……or maybe soon……I just don’t know. I am woman….I am old and have valid excuses such as that.

Whether we go short, long, blond, brown, black or white, let us just agree that it should not mark us as young or old… and pray that everyone who looks at us sees the beauty inside and not only on top of our heads. Jus sayin:)