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I will often wake from a deep sleep in the middle of the night with that annoying urge to pee. I hope saying pee is not offensive to write in a blog. I could use clinical terms like urinate, or the need to relieve my self of access fluid, but, it still means pee. Anyhoo, I am an insomniac so, as you can imagine, if I have managed to actually fall asleep, I am not a happy girl to have it interrupted by a weak bladder. So, to help myself, I have come up with a simple solution…..no, it is not wearing diapers. I just get up with only one eye open. That’s right, leaving one eye closed gives a message to my brain that it does not have my permission to be fully awake.

I think, that sometimes, we can go through much of life with just one eye open. Here is an example. I was having a conversation with someone recently and asked if she heard about this big earthquake in Mexico. She replied, “oh no, I never pay attention to the news anymore, there is way too much bad news”. Well, I do not disagree…..there is definitely way too much bad news. But, I also realize that whether we engage in watching our news media, or choose not to, bad news will still happen. We cannot be just half aware of life, good or bad, life happens. Choosing to not watch it unfold in the news will not stop it. We sometimes feel that if we don’t see it, it won’t affect us.

Here is another funny story. My husband and I have developed this crazy habit of not turning the bathroom light on. It does not have a window, but I have a night-light in there that creates just enough light to do whatever we need to do. There have been instances where a shirt was put on inside out, and smudged mascara under the eye only noticed in the car on the way to church, and more recently, walking out of the house with a completely unmatched top and pants. Has this convinced us to just turn the light on? Nope. At least not until I reached for my deodorant one morning and set my arm pits on fire because it turned out to be Icy Hot muscle rub. The lights go on now.

Again, I can see how we can choose to go through life looking through rose-colored glasses, creating an ambiance that perhaps is more comfy cozy. We need to illuminate our life with enough light to navigate our way to making a difference. How that happens for each person will be different. The bible tells us that we are the light of the world. Our world needs more light. It has become so very dark. The bible also teaches us that Jesus is the lamp unto our feet and the light to our path. To know him, is like switching on the light.

I am trying to keep both eyes open without fear of “losing” my sleep and trading in the night-light for a bright light. Living wide awake. I hope you will too.