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I love it when my mom asks me to share something in my blog. Her enthusiasm and willingness to share is why I even have this blog. I desire to share as many stories as I can to help warm your hearts and bring you a smile. If you would be willing, please subscribe to my blog. I would be so thrilled to share a story you may have that could brighten someone’s day. I would like to one day publish a collection of short stories from women across the globe that have weathered the storms of life and were willing to share heartwarming tales of their days gone by.

My mom, Strella,  whom you met several posts ago, shared something she loves to do with family, and I would now love to share it with you. She calls it “Memory Gazing”.


I am sure all of you have heard of the term “stargazing”. You know the scene often depicted in movies where a couple is lying on a blanket on a moonlit night, staring at the stars above, or perhaps they are sitting on a porch swing and enjoying the quiet of night and trying to identify the constellations and the stories they seem to tell.

When my husband was with me, we would love to go out on the back porch late at night and gaze at the stars. On some sleepless nights, in the cool night air, it was just he and I enjoying the expanse of God’s universe. I used to tell my children and grandchildren that the stars were the windows of Heaven.

Similarly, when I get together with my children and grandchildren, I love to do some “memory gazing”.  One of our favorite things to do is a thing I call “remember when”. We let our memories go as far back as we can and share things we remember from childhood. In fact, I have discovered a lot about the naughty things my children got themselves into when they were teenagers. I suppose they feel safe to share their stories because they know they can’t get grounded anymore. LOL!

But, what I love most, is the opportunity I have as mom, and grandma, to share my memories and my stories . Just like stargazing, memory gazing can illicit a feeling of hope and well-being. Not every memory is a good memory, but, but every memory is a part of your life that has shaped you and brought you to where you are now. Funny stories that happened 50 years ago will still make you laugh when you remember them. The places you have been, the trips you took, the celebrations you have had throughout your life all come to life when you share it with others.

I have a friend who comes to visit me often and I love that we can both share our stories with each other, good and bad. She also lost her husband and when we share memories of our times with our loved one, we are consoled and there is comfort that comes when we bring their memories to life.

Often, when I am all alone, I let memories of my 84 years flood my mind. I may laugh, and I may cry, but I will always end up feeling blessed to have lived these years. Memory gazing causes you to have an appreciation for the life you have lived and sharing those memories with your children and grandchildren allow them to know that they are rooted in love. They have a history that goes far beyond their own lives.

So I encourage you to do some memory gazing, and maybe even some stargazing. God Bless all of you and may all your memories bring you joy!

Thank you for sharing mom! That was incredible insight. Readers, please leave a comment and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. You are all loved and I so appreciate every single one of you!