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So there is so much conflicting information out there regarding make-up, hair, and the over-all desired look we want to achieve as a woman who is 60+ years. What works for some does not always work for others.

Take for instance make-up……first of all the word make-up seems to indicate that we need to apologize to the world for how we look so let me “make it up” to you by covering up my flaws…..but that’s my silly thinking…..I agree we need some products to enhance our beautiful faces.

When I was growing up, I had a friend whose mom was always beautifully made up and flawless. I remember always thinking how smooth and young-looking her skin looked. I spent the night at their home one weekend and woke to see her cooking breakfast at the stove. She turned to greet me and all I remember thinking was “Yikes”! She was unrecognizable without any make-up.

Now my mom, on the other hand, had one thing only that she applied before leaving the house….a tube of red lipstick. The moment she put it on, she was beautifully transformed and perfectly made up. She is 84 years old today and has never chosen to “make-up” her face.

So to choose natural or unnatural…..hmmmm. I would definitely agree that it is a decision each woman has to make on their own. How we feel beautiful is an emotional choice and often will depend on how we define beauty. As women, we are complex and emotionally unstable. I can wake up on some days and look at my reflection in the mirror and think I feel good about how I look , no make-up necessary…..although, it’s usually on a day I know for certain I’m not leaving the house. Or, my husband will come home and ask if I need to go to the grocery store and I say yes, but I need to go put on some make-up, and he wants to why, we are just going to the grocery store. He doesn’t get it……people will “see” me and wander why I don’t have any make-up on……ahhhhh…the perils of low self-esteem. But I am learning to embrace the way I am aging and trying to use make-up to enhance certain features rather than cover up the ever-increasing crevices I notice on my face.

There are many blogs out there giving make-up tips for older women. There is also a trunk load of products that claim to reduce, remove or make invisible the tell-tale signs of age. Most of them are beyond my financial means to purchase. There are also tons of all natural ways and products that make the same claim. I complimented a woman of my age once on how beautiful her skin was and asked her what she used. She said she applies Vaseline to her face every night, and that was her secret.

Whether we choose a make-up bag full of products, or just a tube of red lipstick, we can and should feel that the choice is ours. But more importantly, we have to believe that our beauty will be seen not because of what we do to ourselves but because of who we are.