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I love waking on Monday mornings knowing it is a brand new week. I have another opportunity to be better at being me. I know Monday is really just another day,  and not everyone starts out their week on this day. However, generally speaking, it has been deemed the beginning of the “work week” for most people. So, I’m going with that for the purpose of my conversation today. Because it is a new week, I can decide to make it a better more productive week than the week before. And if need be, it is a good day to “reset”.

When my computer is behaving strangely, (and EVERYTHING is strange when you do not understand technical stuff) I am always instructed to reboot and/or re-start it. For the most part, this actually does solve the issue. We are advised to always reset any device before giving it to anyone else, whether you are selling it or returning it. Actually, you can hit that reset button any time you like,  if you desire.  I suggest, however, that  you make sure you have some sort of back-up for things you want to keep, like photos. I am speaking from experience. Yikes. But anyway, the whole concept is about starting over again and making your device be like new.

So here is where I am going with this. Being the human species that we are, we do not have the magical reset button our computer driven devices have. For the most part, I sure wish we did. Having a button to push, would be so much easier than making a conscious effort to change things that need changing.  But, in a real sense, we do have a built-in reset button of sorts. For some, the location may be in their minds, and for others it may be in their hearts. Either way, that “button” is simply an act of making a decision and then acting on it. While I personally like the Monday Reboot, there are no rules to how often we choose to do it.

I have a tendency to over think things. Whether I am trying to solve a problem or just come up with an idea to write about in this blog. The older I become, (and I feel I get older by the second when I am over thinking) the more I desire to say things and do things that will bring more meaning to my life and others. I am constantly rebooting, resetting and refreshing the way I think. Here are some tips I use for doing this:

  1. Recognize that my perception of the past and anything that I may have done wrong in life, or just the week before, does not mean I am a bad person.
  2. I shake off the shackles of fear and insecurity and make a decision to move forward, not remain still and definitely not return to the past. (past hurts, past mistakes etc.,)And remember everything that is not today, is already the past.
  3. Realizing that resetting my thinking means I need to change the way I think.
  4. I try to see more through faith than I do with my eyes…..to believe the power of God is bigger than my circumstances.
  5. And finally, I just breathe. There is nothing more effective  than taking a deep breath, exhaling and feeling that it is going to be okay.

So whether you need to reset, reboot or refresh yourself today, just know that you can do so without a button to click. You just have to decide that today is a new beginning……It is Monday. Have a great week!