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Time. We have wall clocks, bedside clocks, wristwatches and a plethora of ways we use to “tell” time. Time let’s us know when to get up, when to go to bed, when we need to eat, and it will inevitably and mercilessly let us know that after 24 hours we are officially a day older. Now, if you are still in the prime of your life, you may not notice the ticking of a clock. In fact, clocks, or watches if you will, have become very sophisticated and appealing to the younger generation. We now have “smart watches” that do so much more than tell us the time. You can check your email, google something on the internet and answer your phone on that little thing strapped to your wrist. My 11-year-old grandson called me the other day and proudly proclaimed he was doing so from his watch. I asked him what time it was, and he didn’t know.

Remember the old-fashioned alarm clocks that almost gave you a heart attack when it went off. Well, now your smart phone can gently awake you with soothing music of your choice. My dad loved collecting watches and clocks. I’m not sure why, but now that he is no longer with us, I have been blessed to inherit some of those watches. I really love this pocket watch that has a picture of both he and my mom taped inside.  I cherish the fact that this belonged to him and it was one of his favorite watches. When I hold it in my hand, time pauses for a moment so I can remember my dad. He also loved this wall clock where every hour was chirped by a different bird. We came to recognize what time it was by the sound of a certain bird. That clock is still up on my mom’s wall.

I suppose it does not matter how we tell time. After all, no matter where you are from, we all have the very same 24 hours we call a day. It does not matter how we tell time, but it does very much matter, what we do with it. Some of us, will rise very early to begin our day and make “good” use of our time. Some of us are up most of the night and perhaps get a later start. Either way, we can choose how to manage the time given to us in a day. I am guilty of “wasting” time on some days. It is only because I choose to do absolutely nothing with my time. I just want to do, well, nothing.

Time. What we choose to do or not do with our time on this earth has never been more critical to living out our lives. Recent events in our chaotic world……hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, and mass shootings, to name a few…..can give us a feeling that we perhaps may be coming to the end of time. But in the wake of these catastrophic events, I say we just allow time to alert us to do what we can to make this world a better place. We can choose to take the time to love more, serve more and care more about people.

Time. We cannot speed it up or slow it down. The rhythmic sound of a clock ticking is just a reminder that it is out of our control. The only thing we can control is what we do with each second and minute and hour we have. Time is not an enemy, it is on the contrary a gift. We have been given a gift of time. I love that truth. Sometimes, 24 hours is just not enough time to accomplish all we want to do, especially when at least 8 of it is to allow our bodies to rest.

But, God, in his divine wisdom, created and gave us a 24 hour period called a day. If we have not learned how to make this enough, well, we need to try a little harder, because, well, we all know that time can fly, and flying equals fast.



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