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I was on a walk recently and noticed a woman getting out of her car at Costco. She was, by my observation, a woman older than I and very well dressed with flawlessly applied make-up. She was beautiful. She had on Khaki capri pants¬†with a crisply ironed white blouse with a simple but elegant silver necklace adorning her neck. Now, I am going to sound like I actually stood there and stared at this woman, I did not, I apparently have a gift to make detailed observations on the fly. Seriously, we can be driving by a garage sale and my husband will ask if I want to stop and I will say no, there is nothing there that wanted. But, I digress….back to the woman. Besides looking beautiful, she held herself up well and glided into the Costco entrance like the regal creature I perceived her to be. I’m smiling to myself right now and saying,”really”? Ok, some of my descripiton is me taking advantage of the creative liberty I have when I write.:)

But here is my point, I will often dress according to where I may be going. That’s pretty normal right? I mean, I would not venture out in my pajamas or anything, I won’t even open my front door if I still have them on and someone knocks. There are clothes specifically designated for wearing outside your home, such as, church clothes, workout clothes, mall shopping clothes, going out to dinner clothes ( unless it is a drive-thru, then stay-at-home clothes would be acceptable, including pajamas from the waist down).Yes, I have done that, but not without swearing my husband to secrecy and threatening him bodily harm if anything were to happen on the way that would require police involvement. But, there are those free souls that have no problem getting their milk and eggs from the store still dressed in their pajamas. I want to be more like the woman I saw at Costco, not because I care about what people think when they see me, but because I care about how I see me.

Celebrities definitely can make fashion statements that make me wander if, what not to wear was a question, their answer would be, clothes. I love old Hollywood and the statements they made. They were elegant but mostly covered.:) Some recent photos of celebrity women show them wearing or more accurately, not wearing clothing with so much transparency and maybe three “critical” areas covered, why bother covering those areas, it is still nudity. Yes, nudity has become fashion. Ok, enough of my rant.

Bodies change with age. Everything seems to shift downward. What was once my chest is currently residing around my midriff. And just when I get bold enough to wear spaghetti strap tops, I develop wings on my upper arms. I went to try on a pair of jeans I had not worn in a long time and found out they had drastically shrunk, just from sitting folded up on the shelf. Not. My new favorite are leggings and a long top. Leggings have been getting a bad rap lately. Some airlines are even banning women from using them on the plane. True story. But whyyyyyy????? Leave the leggings alone, I promise to use them responsibly and to always make sure not to mix prints with wild graphic designs.

In conclusion, cause this topic can get convoluted, I believe as mature women that we are to set an example for the women aging up behind us. Whether we all dress in Khaki capris and crispy white blouses or cute leggings with comfy long tops does not matter. What matters is we clothe ourselves with love, grace and kindness, hold up our beautiful heads, and learn to regally glide into the Costcos of the world.


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