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One of my favorite roles in life is that of a grand parent. We are called by many names, Grandma, Grammie, Grams, Tutu, Vovo, Nonna, Noni,and various other terms of endearments of which my personal favorite is Nana. My children called my mom that and now my grandchildren call me Nana. It is a sound that resonates in my heart like no other.

There are some negative connotations associated with the word grandma that may or may not be funny. For instance, “gramma panties”……I get what it’s referring to, but one should not assume that only grandma’s wear comfy undies…right? I dunno. One of my granddaughters was helping me fold the laundry and found one of my under garments and screeched “what in the world is this” as if it was the most shocking thing she had ever seen.

Here is another reference to a grandma I recently heard that gave me a bit of a tick. I was watching a review of a device that I considered purchasing. At the end, the young gentleman giving his opinion, says, “this device would be a great gift for your grandma who just wants something easy to surf the web or check her email”. Really? I’m sure every person on the planet would welcome any claim that makes using a device easy. I’m blogging on it right now. That’s right buddy, this grandma blogs.

No matter what anyone says about being a grandma, no one can deny the importance of having one in their lives. I empathize with anyone who had to grow up without one. We have a very unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the next generation. Today’s grim look of the world’s stability, economically and being at peace, has changed the way families are being raised. Mom and dads both need to be at work and finding it necessary to enlist the help of grandmas and grandpas to provide a safe environment for their children. I recently read an article that said grandmas who babysit their grandchildren lived longer. It is probably true because, there is nothing like the sound of a child’s laughter that will definitely put a twinkle in your wrinkle.

The dictionary defines grandma as the mother of ones father or mother. I hardly think that is enough of a definition for such a valuable part of human society, right? Besides being full of wisdom and grace, we are the best resource for great recipes and probably hold the key that unlocks all the family secrets. We love deeper, give larger and probably discipline less as grandparents. I definitely uphold any rules my children have in their homes regarding their children, but, it’s no secret that when they are at Nana’s house….well, let’s just say I bend the rules a bit. I love this quote by Barbara Cage….she says…”A grandma is warm hugs and sweet memories. She remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes”. Now that should be how you define grandma.

There is so much more I can say about this subject. But, I thought it may be interesting to hear from my readers any special grandma moments that you have had with your grandchildren, and what they call you. Your comments below are always welcome and I look forward to reading what you have to say. For now, this Nana is signing off and wishing all you grandmas out there a very blessed day!



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