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I began noticing “wrinkles” on my face and hands in my early 50’s. I am not going to lie, I was definitely freaked out a bit. I think we are always aware that it will happen sooner or later, it just is never as later as we anticipate in our minds. So began the obsession of finding out all I could on “erasing” all evidence that my face so blatantly decided to display for all the world to see, that this girl was beginning to age.

I began a rigorous night and morning regime of moisturizing and exfoliating. Up til then, washing my face with whatever soap I used to shower was good enough for me……..not after the first wrinkle sighting. I suppose the lesson here is to start early to care more about the skin that covers you. I was born and raised in Hawaii. Living “la vida loca” in the sun at the beach was the “norm”. Did I know it was bad for your skin? No, not so much. But fast forward fifty years and now I thought, hmmmm, perhaps I should not have spent too much time in that sunshine without sunscreen.

I feel I should say here, yes, we should embrace our aging and grow old gracefully……I agreeeee, buttttttttt…let’s be real. I do feel that we need to take better care of ourselves from a young age so that when we approach life in our older stages we are ready to tackle the brutal truth of all of its consequences. If not, you wake up one morning and you find yourself staring at what looks like an older version of you.

It has been 15 years since that first wrinkle. Many have come to join forces with these notorious little villains, and with them an arsenal of other weapons of aging, such as, droopy eyelids, sagging jaws and what is up with the “crepe paper” look on your upper arms where firm muscles once lived. I looked down at my hands one day and wondered why are my mom’s hands on my body?

All part of the process, right? I suppose the first step to embracing who you are as an older woman is to simply accept….well….that you ARE an older woman.

So this is my journey, and my conversation with anyone who will join me. We can laugh at our imperfections and grow together into the beautiful women we were created to be.